CFF’s Official Ragdoll Breed Club

Ragdoll Fanciers’ Membership Application

Printable PDF Application

The RFC offers three types of Membership:


Must own one breeding pair of Ragdolls registered in CFF and have their Cattery registered in CFF.

New Breeders will be under provisional status for one year and will have a sponsor from the Club during which time they will follow the rules of RFC & CFF. After the year, if there are no exceptions, they will be granted full status with the approval of their sponsor. Not following the CFF / RFC rules after the probation period could result in dismissal.

Breeders are also asked that they include information about RFC and an RFC membership application in their kitten packets to help promote the club.


Must own and actively show at least one CFF registered Ragdoll. (may be altered)


Need only have an interest in the Ragdoll breed.

DUES: Shall be paid by May 1st

Breeders: $ 20.00 $10.00 additional breeder member.
(additional member must be listed as co-owner of same cattery.)

Exhibitors: $15.00 $5.00 additional exhibitor member.
(additional member must be listed as co-owner of a Ragdoll being shown)

Fanciers: $10.00

Make Check Payable to:  Ragdoll Fanciers’ Club
Mail to:
Ken Staples
46 Knight Street
Woonsocket, RI 02895