CFF’s Official Ragdoll Breed Club

Welcome to Ragdoll Fanciers Club.

RFC is the Ragdoll Breed Club for the Cat Fanciers’ Federation.

2018-2019 Show Year Top Winners Chosen!

Our Officers:

President:   Diane Munroe

Vice President:  Lisa Simione  

Secretary:   Lisa Slade

Treasurer:  Ken Staples

We have several types of membership. The cost is minimal and will be well worth your money.  Our goal is to have people share and learn more about the Ragdoll breed.  We offer the site,  a newsletter and a chat group for our members.

The RFC offers three types of Membership: Breeder, Exhibitor, and Fancier.

Breeders: Must own one breeding pair of Ragdolls registered in CFF and have their Cattery registered in CFF.

New Breeders will be under provisional status for one year and will have a sponsor from the Club during which time they will follow the rules of RFC & CFF. After the year, if there are no exceptions, they will be granted full status with the approval of their sponsor.  Not following the CFF / RFC rules after the probation period could result in dismissal.

Breeders are also asked that they include information about RFC and an RFC membership application in their kitten packets to help promote the club. Our Linkback banner can be found on our Links Page.

Exhibitors: Must own and actively show at least one CFF registered Ragdoll. (may be altered)

Fanciers: Need only have an interest in the Ragdoll breed.

DUES: Shall be paid by May 1st

Breeders: $ 20.00   $10.00 additional breeder member.
(additional member must be listed as co-owner of same cattery.)

Exhibitors: $15.00  $5.00 additional exhibitor member.
(additional member must be listed as co-owner of a Ragdoll being shown)

Fanciers: $10.00

If you would like to join the RFC, please CLICK HERE to fill out an Application

Signing the application will constitute your acceptance of the RFC & CFF standards and acknowledge you have read this page.  Thank you and Welcome to our Club.
Make Check Payable to Ragdoll Fanciers’ Club


Only breeder and exhibitors members may vote on Club issues.  Only breeder members may vote on the Ragdoll standard


Meetings are held as needed. Most discussion is over the EMAIL and Club Email list


All members receive the quarterly newsletter, by-laws and constitution and a list of current members as part of their membership package.

Social Media

RFC has two chat groups.  One is for RFC and CFF business discussions.  The other is our Pet Chat Group where members can share stories about their Ragdolls,  learn more about Ragdolls,  ask questions and just chat with others who love the breed!


All members may have a photo listed on the website and a link to their home pages if they have one.  Breeders may list available kittens and retired show/breeder cats on our website.

Note: CFF only accepts pointed Ragdolls with a pedigree that has ONLY pointed to pointed Ragdolls for a minimum of 4 generations.

Please feel free to browse our site and if you have any suggestions for improvements PLEASE feel free to share them with us.

Blue Eyes of Ragdoll Breed

President:Diane Munroe
Vice President: Lisa Simione
Secretary: Lisa Slade
Treasurer: Kenny Staples