CFF’s Official Ragdoll Breed Club

The History of the Ragdoll Fanciers’ Club

The Ragdoll Fanciers Club is the breed club that represents the Ragdoll cat in the Cat Fanciers’ Federation. It is our responsibility to write the breed standard and submit any proposals on the Ragdoll Cat to the CFF Executive Board. We have a long-standing relationship with CFF and our club has played a very important role in Ragdoll history.

The Ragdoll Fanciers Club started as the Ragdoll Society formed on February 1, 1975 by Denny and Laura Dayton and some of the other early Ragdoll breeders. The newsletter was known as the Ragdoll Society Newsletter. The first officers of this club were President Denny Dayton, Vice President Laura Dayton and Secretary/Treasurer Ruby Spagnol. The Club was incorporated in 1976. The original goal of the club was to gain acceptance of all three patterns for Championship status in the Cat Fancy. In 1976 this goal was first accomplished in CFF and CROWN. CROWN is now defunct making CFF the association with the longest history of accepting Ragdolls for Championship status.

In May of 1978, The Ragdolls were accepted into UCF. In June of this same year the name of the club was changed from the Ragdoll Society to the Ragdoll Fanciers club. At this time also,RFC became affiliated with CFF as the Ragdoll breed club. In CFF it is preferred that each breed be represented by a breed club.

Over time, this club would die out and become inactive until the 1990s when a small group of Ragdoll breeders took it upon themselves to revive the club. The driving forces behind the rebirth of the RFC were Pamela Sessa of RagstoCurls cattery and Susan Alexander of Racin’ Rags. These two ladies petitioned CFF to become the representatives of the RFC and thus began the process of rebuilding the club. At this time things in the ragdoll world were beginning to change and new colors were being introduced. The breeders of RFC wanted to preserve the Ragdoll as it was first introduced to the cat fancy. To achieve this CFF amended their rules allowing only the pointed Ragdolls in the four traditional colors and three traditional patterns to be registered and shown.

In March of 2006 the breeders of RFC felt that it was time for a change and the vote went out to include the red gene and the lynx factor for both registration and championship status. The proposal was brought before the CFF executive board and was passed unanimously. For the first time in CFF history you could now see Ragdolls in red, cream, tortie and lynx in the show ring.

The main goal of the Ragdoll Fanciers Club has always been and will always be to preserve the Ragdoll as a Blue Eyed Pointed Breed.